The Research Behind IV Infusion

An internist from John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Dr. John Myers proposed that a mixture of key nutritional supplements might be given in a single intravenous infusion to speedily flood each cell in the body with nutrition to improve the cells’ performance knowing that the digestive system prevents absorption through the bloodstream to approximately 50% of its intake. His idea sprung about around the sixties and has intrigued researchers through today. Although each of the vitamins and minerals were available then, intravenous “cocktail” was experimental. So he experimented on lab animals first, then on himself, eventually then to clinical trials and then to regular patients. When Dr. Myers passed in 1984, Alan R. Gaby continued the practice administering a cocktail with modifications to Myer’s pre-existing patients, then continued clinical studies finding positive results for conditions like asthma, fatigue, depression, chest pain, migraine, allergies, stamina and hyperthyroidism.

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