Dr. Oz and Dr. Emma discuss all the controversy about the HCG Diet Plan in 2011.

HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, is a naturally occurring hormone produced by women in high quantities during pregnancy. It is purported that HCG is a fat burning hormone that can assist in dieting by burning fat without breaking down muscle in combination with a low calorie diet and proper exercise.

Dr. Sheri Emma has done extensive research on the topic and this led her to stand out in Dr. Oz’s selection of physicians to highlight. The episode was one of the most controversial episodes of that year. Dr. Emma became known and respected as an expert. Her methods are now being practiced all over the United States. Dr. Oz continued to challenge her in additional shows, with each one being pro HCG and her research proven over and over again through actual results.

The diet is associated with dramatic weight loss, as much as one pound a day. Critics claim that is only the caloric restrictions that are responsible for the weight loss. They also claim that the weight cannot be kept off. This controversy is strong because of the history of trials done without protocol and no published guidelines and therefore, random doses of the prescription hormone was administered. Today, doctors have numerous studies and clinical trials and customize according to the patient’s age and gender. Calorie restrictions are also tailored to the patient. Proper exercise is encouraged, whereas historically, it was not.

It is not the HCG causing patients to lose the weight. It is the caloric restriction. From studies, HCG assists in dieting by allowing patients to curb their appetite to the caloric restriction of the diet. It reduces the feeling of hunger. HCG is a pro-hormone which helps the body make more hormones. Often, the cause of weight gain is the lack of hormones. HCG injections will prevent the dieter from losing muscle by creating an anabolic state which counteracts the catabolic state.

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